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About Us

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At Hand-Crafted gifts we are passionate about rare and heritage sheep breeds.

We aim to raise awareness and to make conservation breed yarn and fibre easily available at affordable prices. We are always improving and expanding our range, so check back often.

We are a small family business based in South Australia.

About the team:

Luba – expert in spinning, knitting, and crocheting and always looking for the next new fibre to try. She also has an Etsy shop that sells her hand-spun yarns and spindles here. She is responsible for ensuring that only the highest quality products are stocked, and at the best prices on the entire Internet.

Jon – dreams of becoming world famous fibre baron, taking over the world with his yarn army, despite knowing very little about fleece, fibre, and yarn. He is responsible for the graphic design of the yarn labels, and making this website. Right now, he’s trying to learn how to make websites properly. (He also made tabletopfiction.net.)

Tania – daughter of Jon and Luba, Tania is responsible for being cute and filling her nappies with poop, both of which she manages with surprising efficiency.

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