Funds raised so far: US$83.42 (This number could be up to 24 hours out of date, or more if you have not refreshed the page.)


The beta version of this site (i.e. the site right now) has been constructed by Jon Chambers using Adobe Muse.


Fortunately, we have Shane Smith on our team, who actually knows how to make websites properly, but he will not work for free.


However, if we raise enough money (more about that here) we can shift to a more powerful platform and start adding features. When enough money is raised, discussions will be had with donors and Patreon supporters about which feature the website should have next, and how it should be implemented.


If one of the listed features (or even a feature you just made up) is particularly important to you and you're willing to pay for it, email us at so we can work out exactly how much it will cost once we know exactly how you want it implemented. A name of your choice (likely your own) will be immortalized forever on this page as the founder of that feature, and pending negotiations, we can also put that name (likely your own) in other places as well (like on the feature itself).


Below is a message from Shane, trying his best to simplify the complexities involved in pricing this website's upgrades. (Please forgive the vagueness and keep in mind that the total amount he has been paid so far is a bowl of pasta, which he had to eat while listening to Jon ramble on about his hopes and dreams for this site at length):


Most items are in no particular order.


Item costs are approximated into categories:

(L)ow ($50 - $150)

(M)ed ($150 - $450)

(H)igh ($450 - $750)

(U)ltra ($750 - $1500)



Everything below is an ESTIMATE only. Please get in touch with us directly if you'd like to fund a particular feature, so we can do a more detailed cost analysis.


Costs might be dependent on other tasks being completed first. For example, migration to new platform is a pre-requisite for almost all other tasks.


Some costs may be combined if done together. For example, integrating with Facebook, Google and Twitter logins separately would cost more than if they were all completed at the same time.



(L) Google Analytics integration

(M) Migration to new platform.

(L) User registration / login / authentication.

(M) Register/Login with Facebook account

(M) Register/Login with Google account

(M) Register/Login with Twitter account

(M) Multiple user types (regular, moderator, admin)

(M) Advertisements (only for anonymous visitors)



(M) User profile pages.

(L) User avatars - Gravatar

(M) User avatars - Custom uploads

(M) Follow other users (friends)

(M) Follow content creators



(U) Simple community forums.

(M) Follow specific topics, or all topics in a section.

(M) Email notifications for new topics / replies

(M) Reply directly to email (causes reply to appear in forum)

(L) reCAPTCHA and similar tools to prevent automated voting / replies



(M) Back-end structure for handling comics / submissions

(L) Submit your comic for approval.

(L) Moderation process to approve/decline.

(L) Mark comics as your favorites.

(L) User voting - Simple

(M) User voting - Complex

(L) Ranking based on votes - Simple

(H) Ranking based on votes - Complex

(L) User commenting

(L) Allow commenting and voting in the same action

(L) Flag as inappropriate / incomplete

(L) Email notifications for new comics

(M) Automatic downscaling / cropping of image uploads

(L) reCAPTCHA and similar tools to prevent automated voting / replies



(L) Record progress towards next goal - Manually

(M or H) Record progress towards next goal - Automatic

(L) Accept donations with Stripe

(L) Accept donations with PayPal

(L) Accept donations with Square

(M) Store donations received on site - Stripe

(M) Store donations received on site - PayPal

(M) Store donations received on site - Square