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New World Adventures

Cast (episode 1): Matthew Lawson, Andrew Ellis, Chris Tufano, Caroline Koonce, Callum Edmunds, Chad Fisher, Eli Cather, Ryan Henning, Sharon Grunwald, Geordan Miller, Garret Sandoval, and Jon Chambers.

Cast (not appearing in episode 1): Jameson Smith, Steven Grove, Luba Chambers, Pokejedservo, Brandon LeMaire, Forrest Lee, Dave Keegan, James Kaylor, Drew Shaw, Admiral Handsome, and Neferankh.


  • Audiobook episode 1, FREE (see above)
  • Audiobook episode 2, US$6 (donates US$2.55) [COMING SOON!!! Please send your words of encouragement to hurry up to]
  • Audiobook episode 3, US$6 (donates US$2.55) [COMING SOON!!!]
  • Audiobook episode 4, US$6 (donates US$2.55) [COMING SOON!!!]